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"During our therapy sessions, Morgane had a versatile role and was very attentive to my questions and concerns. Morgane guided me, helped me and in addition to providing clarifications, she helped me to find my own answers. Her approach to EFT is fun and particularly beneficial and effective. I would recommend her without hesitation!"

I, 17 years old, high school student

"EFT allowed me to learn a way to be able to relax in addition to allowing me to confide in someone. It helped me a lot during my exam periods to concentrate in addition to learning manage my emotions


Q, 17, high school student in London

"Having suffered from dermatitis all my life, I was looking for new ways to help me manage the flare-ups, irritations and especially the urge to scratch. I saw the benefits of this treatment after 2 sessions and I I was able to continue using EFT alone. I am now better able to manage my skin irritations. Morgane was welcoming and very attentive to my needs and I would recommend her without hesitation to those around me."


R, 39, assistant team leader in London

"Already 9 months that my son (10 years old) and my daughter (8 years old) have benefited from the benefits of EFT and the concrete tools that Morgane teaches them and shares every week. 

When I discovered EFT I immediately knew that it was what I had been looking for for so many years to help my son, a boy without filters, where the emotions explode inside like a volcano and who does not understand. how to manage them, or think that everyone feels the same... A difficult shift to manage for him as well as for those around him.

The classic approach was not the answer and emotions are at the heart of EFT.


How to be resilient, understand yourself, not be in denial but acceptance and improve with these tools. From a disjointed pace we moved to regular sessions and that made all the difference.


Thomas understands himself, accepts himself better and can sit down with Morgane to better understand the event and his reactions. I watch it and love seeing this boy building a lasting shield of resilience for life. 


Morgane is gentle, adapts, listens and tries to give back better. T and L admit to seeing a real difference and little by little a family harmony is recreated. Sweetness in communication and fewer crises allow us to love each other better and to make the most of each other's qualities.


We were so frustrated with these little daily mess and EFT helps us to be happier and more united.

I recommend it for both children and adults.

Thank you Morgana"

M, 42 years old, mother and sports teacher

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