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Morgane, thérapeute EFT et hypnose à Londres

My name is Morgane Le Cleuyou, I have been living in London for 15 years now and I offer therapeutic support since 2018






Several years of working with children and young people taught me the importance of a pragmatic approach oriented towards finding solutions. Now fully focused on personal fulfilment, I apply this principle to my therapeutic practice, offering the women, children and teenagers I work with a safe space for introspection, acceptation and personal growth.


Fascinated by the functioning of the human brain, over the years I have expanded my “toolbox” by drawing on my personal experience of introspection, my professional career with children and the individual support I give to each person who places their trust in me.

I help you find and strengthen the resources you already hold within yourself to empower you towards achieving your goals. Together, using the techniques I trained in, we will work on the blockages that hold you back from fully being yourself and enjoying your life to the fullest.



My therapeutic practice relies on an innovative approach which integrates different powerful tools (EFT, NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis and hypno-CBT) and concretely focuses on the goal you want to achieve: overcoming a phobia, preparing for an exam, a presentation or a job interview, quitting smoking, biting your nails, conquering your anxiety or more generally gaining serenity and improving your well-being.

These therapeutic tools can be used as stand-alone approaches or combined, be it during a session or all through our work together, this adaptability allows me to offer you a truly personalized and targeted support.

I provide you with the most appropriate tools to find solutions to your issue within yourself and reach your goal. Together, we will work on the blocks that prevent you from being fully yourself.

I see my clients face to face in the following 3 London clinics :

- La Maison Médicale in South Kensington

- Notting Hill Therapy Clinic at St Charles Hospital in Ladbroke Grove

- MSCM Natural Therapy Centre in West Harrow

I also meet my clients in their homes when they are based around Wembley Park

I also offer video meetings via doxy.me, a secure teleconferencing platform created specifically for health and wellness professionals.

Note :

My role is to support your personal development but if you experience mental health issues or have a specific mental health diagnosis, my support does not replace in-depth psychological work. I recommend you contact your GP, a psychologist or psychiatrist if you feel you might need additional support beyond what I can offer.

Emotional freedom techniques, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis can absolutely be used to support psychological work, but these techniques do not replace the intervention of medical and mental health professionals.


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