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Morgane Le Cleuyou thérapeute londres

Hello !

My name is Morgane and I offer EFT & EMDR therapies and cognitive behavioural hypnosis in London.

I adopt a personalised approach tailored to your specific needs to help you overcome your isues and live a more peaceful life.

My aim is to work on what hinders or blocks your personal or professional development.
Be it is shyness, anxiety, an eating disorders or phobias, we move forward together to help you free yourself from what affects you.
Step by step, we will progress towards your daily well-being.



-> Calmer

-> Freer

-> Happier

Younity Therapies' core pillars:


For me, supporting you means above all empathising with you, your specific difficulties and your own goals.


Our sessions are a safe space free from judgement or guilt where you will always be welcomed with kindness and understanding.


And I am convinced that a successful introspection relies on kindness and compassion.

Personal growth

Your problems impact your daily life and have consequences on your personal growth.


My approach aims to help you overcome your difficulties, but also to help you move forward and progress towards your personal or professional fulfilment.

A tailored approach

Because we are all different, each session is prepared according to the needs and specificities of each person.


Together, we'll establish a personalised path that we'll review regularly and adapt as our work progresses.


This flexibility and adaptability allows us to work on your predicament through introspection, but also manage one-off crises.

Using efficient tools

Whatever difficulties you present, I provide you with the most suitable tools to find solutions within yourself and reach your goals.


Together, we will work on what prevent you from being fully yourself.

Fascinated by the workings of the human brain for decades, I have built up my "toolbox" over the years to offer the best possible therapies. Thanks to the high-level training I undertook, I am now a member of prestigious regulatory bodies such as the General Hypnotherapy Registery and EFT International.


I have drawn from my 10 year-long work with children to build a pragmatic, solution-oriented method.


I also use on my own introspective experience, the challenges I faced and those of the people I work with on a daily basis.


Where you'll find me 

South Kensington International clinic

in South Kensington



Earl's court

Private practice


Wembley Park

Private practice 


Camden Town

On-line sessions

I also offer on-line sessions in case you are unable to come to my practices.

You'll receive the same dedicated services to help you remotely.


I offer support in your personal development process, but in the case of serious issues, it does not replace in-depth psychological work. If you feel that this is the case, I strongly advise you to consult your GP, a psychologist or a psychiatrist.


EFT, hypnosis and NLP can be used to support this type of approach, but do not replace the intervention of the above-mentioned professionals. If you are looking for specialists, I will be happy to share the contact details of psychologists or psychiatrists in London.

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