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My tools

How do I work?

How do I use these techniques to support you and help you in your journey ?

A flexible and tailored approach

These therapeutic tools can be used independently or in combination, this versatility allows me to offer you a completely customized support from one session to the next, or even within the same session.


Whatever your problem is, I provide you with the relevant tools to find solutions within yourself and reach your goal. Together, we will work on what prevents you from being fully yourself.


Far from what we see in movies, therapeutic hypnosis replicates a state of consciousness in which human beings naturally find themselves when daydreaming, when lulled by the sound of music, or even during a walk in the woods.


You are still conscious and awake, you simply enter a semi-meditative state that makes you more open to change and more receptive to suggestions that can help you progress.


Practicing hypnosis with a qualified practitioner allows you to quickly enter this state to work towards your objective (relaxation, stress-management, introspective work...).


Hypnosis is an effective tool that allows access to the often unsuspected resources of each individual while being very respectful of the person.


Using stories, metaphors, anecdotes, suggestions to adopt new behaviors, I encourage you in your journey, your process of change or learning.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a mind-body therapy based on energy psychology.

This practice consists of tapping, with the fingertips, on various points of the primo-vascular system located on the face, trunk and hands while focusing on a problem you wish to solve and discussing the thoughts and feelings that may affect your life and impact the quality of your daily life.

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EFT allows you to free yourself of the emotional load attached to a challenging past or future event. This method will also be very effective in overcoming fears, phobias, but also to get rid of daily anxiety.

During an EFT session, disturbing emotions and stress are reduced, which facilitates the relaxation of our body.

Tapping induces a semi-meditative state and facilitates access to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. It is an effective method for introspective work, the validation or evolution of our emotional reality.

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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a practice that allows us to work on post-traumatic shocks and phobias.


The principle is to untie a memory from the negative emotions associated with it.


It is a technique that untangle the emotional load attached to a past event or to negative beliefs.


How does it work?


Your therapist will work with you in different ways depending on your problem. Either by eye movements, from left to right, or by alternating tapping on the upper body, or by using headphones with alternating sounds in each ear.


Bilateral movements are strongly linked to our memory management. For example: a left to right eye scan, directed by a specialized therapist, will allow you to stimulate the areas of your brain that control emotions and memories. Thus, the memory will remain in your mind, but will no longer generate emotional discomfort.


Neuro-linguistic programming focuses on a person's behaviors based on their perceptions and interpretations of reality.


It focuses on "how to make it work" rather than "why don't things work".


The principle is to address these questions through a set of communication techniques, the use of language and the person's 5 senses.

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With a therapist, NLP is used to encourage a transformation or the achievement of goals. It is therefore a tool for personal growth.



To summarize, NLP aims to reprogram the brain in order to get rid of difficulties, inner obstacles and anxieties, while developing one's potential and resources.

Some of the issues these tools are useful for :

  • Assertiveness disorders: lack of self-esteem, difficulty speaking in public, social withdrawal, relationship problems


  • Management of stress, anxiety, panic states


  • Release and transform painful, uncomfortable or disturbing emotions


  • Disabling phobias and fears


  • Soothe the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional trauma


  • Difficulties, resistance to change


  • Compulsions and Addictions


  • Eating disorders, managing food cravings

  • weight management

  • Somatic and chronic pain

  • Sleep disorders, insomnia

  • Support for children: learning difficulties, confidence in their abilities, school fears and phobias, night terrors

  • Increased performance (artistic, professional, athletic, etc.) and productivity

  • Preparation for school exams, entrance test to various schools and universities, job interviews, professional assessments, sports competitions

What if you book a coaching session

to implement these tools?


For children or teenagers

who need to be accompanied to overcome school difficulties, strong shyness...


For women

who want to overcome their anxiety or blockages to live more serenely

You correspond to another profile and you want us to work together?

I suggest you send me an email atmorgan@younitytherapies.com

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