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From stress to success

Personalized support to allow your child to experience exam periods more serenely

Is your child taking the national college or baccalaureate exams this year?

You want him to have all the keys in hand to best tackle, academically and mentally, this final stretch andput the odds on your sidefor that major school exam?

Do you feel that stress and pressure can prevent him from achieving the results he is capable of?


Do you want to accompany him as well as possible in the success of this last straight line?

I suggest you enroll him in the program

 From Stress to success 

4 weeks to mentally prepare for exams

Individual sessions for a tailor-made follow-up

Tools to help them through this stressful time

In person
in London

What is the objective of the program?

  • Allow them to exploit their potential and succeed in their exams

  • Give them the keys to learn how to manage their stress

  • Reduce the panic and pressure they put on themselves at the dawn of these school tests

  • Listen to them and reassure them with empathy

  • Help them regain confidence in themselves and their academic abilities

  • Work on beliefs related to their ability to pass exams

A question ? I invite you to contact me by email morgane@younitytherapies.com or by phone at + 44 (0)7 828 012 932

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