What I can help you with:

  • Self-esteem related issues: Low self-esteem, anxiety when speaking in public, social withdrawal, difficulties in developing relationships

  • Stress, anxiety and panic management

  • Release and transform painful, uncomfortable or disturbing emotions

  • Phobias and debilitating fears

  • PTSD

  • Panic triggered by change, reluctance to change

  • Compulsions and addictions​

  • Eating disorders

  • Weight management

  • Unexplained and/or chronic pain

  • Insomnia, sleep disorders


  • Support to children: learning difficulties, confidence in their abilities, school related fears and phobias, night terrors

  • Performance optimisation (artistic, professional, sports, etc.) and productivity

  • Preparation to school exams, entrance tests for various schools and universities, job interviews, professional assessments, sports competitions


These therapeutic tools can be used as stand-alone approaches or combined, be it during a session or all through our work together, this adaptability allows me to offer you a truly personalized and targeted support.

I provide you with the most appropriate tools to find solutions to your issue within yourself and reach your goal. Together, we will work on the blocks that prevent you from being fully yourself.


Therapeutic hypnosis reproduces the state of consciousness we naturally experience when daydreaming, listening to music, or even walking in a forest. It is a state of consciousness more open to changes, to novelty, to alternative options and to suggestions. Practising hypnosis with a practitioner allows you to quickly induce this state in order to serve the goal seeked by the client (this could include relaxation, addressing a specific need, or personal development).
Hypnosis allows me access a client’s pool of usually undreamt of resources whilst remaining very respectful of the person. I support my clients’ journeys of change and learning by using stories, metaphors, anecdotes, invitations to new behaviour more adapted to the desired outcome for each individual client.




Emotional freedom techniques (EFT), also called ‘tapping’, are mind-body techniques fallling under the scope of energy psychology. 

It consists of tapping, with the tips of the fingers, on various points of the primary vascular system which are located at the level of the face, the trunk and the hands while focusing on the problem you wish to solve or by voicing the thoughts and feelings that can affect your experience and impact your quality of life. The tapping induces a semi-meditative state and facilitates access to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions and thus promotes introspective work, enhancement or evolution of our emotional reality.
Recognizing, identifying and deciding how to welcome your emotions allows you to see their influence on your life, whether it is personal difficulties, persistent pain or illness .



Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) focuses on a person's behaviour based on their perceptions and interpretations of reality. This discipline is primarily interested in ‘How to make it work’ rather than ‘Why doesn't it work?’ and the aim is to reprogram the brain to help address difficulties and anxieties.

NLP involves a variety of communication techniques, the careful use of language and the person’s senses to encourage transformation or achievement of goals. NLP is often used to help people develop their full potential.



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