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Children & teenagers

Tailored therapies to help your child or teenager deal with stress or live a more peaceful life.

As your children grow up, they have to face various challenging situations causing stress.


Dealing with emotions can be difficult for them and impact their daily well-being.


The consequences can affect their family life, friendships, school results...


During our sessions, we work together so that they learn to manage their emotions and see their issues from a different angle. We deal with their concrete problems to help them progress and lead a calmer, more balanced life.

Who can benefit from this support ?

This support is adapted for children or teenagers who have fears or problems that prevent them from enjoying their life fully.


For example, children who:


  • Wish to ease their school-related stress 

  • Are anxious on a daily basis

  • Suffer from debilitating shyness

  • Struggle to deal with their emotions

  • Suffer from poor self-estime or don't have much faith in their own abilities

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What we work on

The way I work is completelly tailored to your child and their specificities. 


Here are some of the issues I work with: 

➡️ Overcome anxiety for a more tranquil life


➡️ Challenge limiting beliefs around their academic abilities


➡️ Improve their self-esteem and self-belief

➡️ Calm the physical manifestation of their emotions  (tantrum, insomnia, panic attacks) 

➡️ Work on eating disorder, improve body image and develop a healthier relatioship with food

➡️ Beat phobias or anxiety affecting their daily life 

Are you wondering if I can help your child?


If so, please send me an email explaining the problems to morgane@younitytherapies.com.

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From stress to success

I have created this unique program for pupils preparing the GCSE or A-levels. It is specifically designed to help them overcome the stress they will endure leading up to the exams and approach their test feeling calmer and more confident.

Childhood and Adolescence need not be an ordeal.



There are solutions and tools to help ease them and guide them towards fulfilment.

Client's feedback

"During our therapy sessions, Morgane had a multi-faceted role and was very responsive to my questions and concerns. Morgane guided me, helped me and in addition to providing clarity, she helped me find my own answers. Her approach to EFT is playful and particularly beneficial and effective. I would recommend her without any hesitation!"

I, 17 yo, year 12

"EFT has helped me relax as well as allowing me to confide in someone. It has helped me a lot to improve my focus and learn to manage my emotions during my exams period."

Q, 17 yo, year 11

Don't know me yet ?

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I worked for 10 years as a school coach with children from various London-based schools preparing for their GCSE and A-levels. I also ended up specialising in supporting neurodivergent children (dys-, ADHD, ADD, HP...)It was thus obvious for me to carry on working with children and teenagers, offering a support adapted to their daily issues.


I am familiar with the pressure they are under. My experience in the field has also taught me that these are ages where lack of confidence and emotional management can be particularly difficult to deal with. 


It is for these reasons that my help is focused on finding solutions and solving concrete problems. The aim is to provide them with tools to help them flourish in their daily lives well after they have finished school.


The answer to any question you may still have might be below.

If not, please don't hesitate to send me an email on morgane@younitytherapies.com

My child is very shy, they may find it hard to talk to you.


We can work on their shyness together. I will welcome them with kindness and empathy to make them feel at ease. The approach will also be adapted to their personality to allow them to open up little by little. The idea is not to rush them, quite the contrary it is about respeting where they are and their own pace.


My child already receive the support of a psychiatrist/psychologist, can we combine this with your support? 


Absolutely, our work can be a complement to allow them to deepen the instrospection work they are already doing and provide efficient tools they can apply in their daily life.



We don't live in London, can you still help? 

Yes I can, I also offer on-line sessions, please contact me to arrange them. 



My child schedule is quite busy, how can we fit sessions in ?


Please send me an email on morgane@younitytherapies.com with your child's availabilities and I'll do my best to offer a convenient time for them.

Would you want to chat
with me first ?

I offer a first free phone call with the parent to answer any question you may have, gather more information about your child's issues and discuss with you how I could help them

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