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Our work together

I am here to help you work towards a better life, better health, or simply a more serene and joyful experience. Whether your focus is on reducing anxiety, quitting cigarettes or working on a painful memory, I will adapt my work to you and the way you approach the world. I was called to this career because I truly want to see others flourish, and I have spent years training in therapeutic practices which I can use to support your wellbeing.


I always practise tolerance, compassion, kindness and empathy. I listen to my clients without judgement, do my best to understand their experiences, and choose the best therapeutic tools to support their wellbeing.


Let's unlock your potential

Therapeutic hypnosis that adapts to your needs

Mind & body therapy helping in managing your emotions

Advanced communication technics at the service of your development

"When there are no enemies inside, enemies from outside cannot reach you. "
African proverb
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